Sustainable stocking fillers

When thinking about sustainable stocking fillers, the best thing to ask yourself is: ‘do they really need it ‘and will they use it’? By answering these two questions, you will be well on your way to gifting more sustainably this Christmas.


We know that gifting 'things' is way more fun than handing over money or gift cards, but a 2009 UCLA study found that women's stress levels are directly proportional to the amount of stuff in their homes. The more clutter you have, the more stressed you feel! So when you're thinking about sustainable stocking fillers or gifts this year make sure you steer clear of things that will end up becoming clutter!


The best way to avoid this? Gift consumables. Better yet, gift consumables with strong eco credentials that offer that little bit of luxury that you might not feel you should buy yourself. 


What do we mean by this? Well to help you out, we've come up with a list of our favourites for you to look through (bonus, these sustainable gifts are all £20.00 or under):


  1. Our shampoo and conditioners (we couldn’t not suggest these first could
    An'du's shampoo and conditioner bars
    we?) Everyone washes their hair. So why not gift someone one of our beautiful An'du shampoo and conditioner sets. They're full of all the best ingredients and free from the nasties that a lot of the bigger high street brands contain. They're that little bit of indulgence that you might not think to buy yourself. It's a real treat, but it will be used and won't end up sitting in a cupboard for years before going to landfill.

  2. Made Kind’s hand wash. Along the same lines you could gift hand-wash.
    Made Kind's handwash
    Check out this beautiful refillable hand-wash from Made Kind. In its beautiful glass bottle it will look amazing in any bathroom and smell incredible. No plastic waste, easy to buy refills and that little bit of luxury to gift. They do heaps of other gorgeous little gift items too, so if handwash doesn't take your fancy, have a browse for something else that does!

  3. LittleLeaf Organic's re-usable make up pads. We also love these re-usable
    LittleLeaf Organic's make up remover pads
    make up wipes from LittleLeaf Organics. Super simple to use, and then wash in the beautiful netted bag that they come in. Made from 100% organic cotton, they have minimal impact on the environment and can be used time and time again. We love these as they are such a practical and useful gift but also feel incredibly soft to use. Give someone a treat at the end of every day with these wipes.

  4. Dish cloths from Scrubbies. For the kitchen how about these gorgeous dish
    scrubbies dish cloth
    cloths from Scrubbies. Far more attractive than your standard dish sponge and of course they're plastic free. When you've used them to their end you can simply pop them in your compost to breakdown back into the soil. There are heaps of really fun different. designs and patterns, so have a little hunt around for your favourites. 

  5. Clothes Doctor washes. Along the cleaning lines we also love these little
    clothes doctor bottles
    bottles of eco clothes wash from Clothes Doctor. What's more sustainable than extending the life of the clothes you already own? In these gorgeous stainless steel bottles, Clothes Doctor have cleverly designed different washes for different fabric types to help you give new life to your most loved clothes. Trust us, having these in your laundry room will make anyone's day.

  6. Bee revival kits from Beevive. If you're looking for something a little different,
    beevive revival kit
    but also sustainable, check out these bee revival kits from Beevive. Cute little bottles you carry round on your keys that contain sugar water to help revive a tired bee you come across on a hot day. There's no denying that we all need to help protect our bees and this is the cutest way to do it!

    There are plenty of other eco gifts out there, so keep hunting. Just remember, the most sustainable gifts are ones they need or will actually use. As lovely as that bottle opening, car key finding, card holding gadget might seem… there’s a good chance that once the novelty has worn off, it’ll end up in a draw gathering dust.

    Full disclosure, we do not work with any of these brands, or have been paid to promote them. We have however, just collaborated with them all for a little Christmas giveaway!
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