Sustainable Mother’s Day gifts

Top 10 sustainable gifts for Mother’s Day


If you’re mum is environmentally conscious and you’re looking for sustainable Mother’s Day gifts for her then you’ve come to the right place! Below we’ve listed our 10 ten sustainable gift ideas for you mum this Mother’s Day (10th March 2024).


How could we not place this as number 1? But seriously, this gift set, which comes with a stunning home-made card is a real gift of love to your mum. Give it to her with the words “you take a bath, I’ll make you a cup of tea and do the hoovering” and you can’t go wrong.

An'du gift set and card


  • Train tickets to the beach/ woodland/ nature

This is such a simple and yet such a beautiful gift. Spend a bit of time researching beautiful places you can get to on the train in around an hour and then organise a day when you’re both free and book them. What you’re really giving is your time and what’s more important than that?

 boats on a UK stony beach


  • Flowers

It’s a classic for a reason, but if you really want to make these sustainable then you’ll have to do a bit of research. Look for locally grown or live flowers from a local nursery. Shipping in exotic and out of season flowers isn’t great for the environment, but there are most definitely work arounds.

pot plants on a shelf



  • Breakfast in bed

This is for the children/ partners who live with the mum in their house. Give them a lie in and cook them some delicious breakfast in bed. In my opinion, there is little better than this gift!

croissants and orange juice being given to a woman in bed
  • Ethical chocolate

Another strong contender, although, like the flowers, important to source this carefully. Opt for chocolate which clearly states its ethical and environmental standards. Brands like divine and Tony’s Chocolony are well known for this. 

a mixture of chocolate in a bucket
  • Sanitation!

Or something else from Oxfam’s Unwrapped Gift collection. Choose from a variety of charitable options and donate in your mum’s name. They get a rather gorgeous e-card and a description of how their gift will help.|1&Ntk=&Nr=AND(,NOT(sku.listPrice:0.000000))&No=0&Nf=&Nrpp=30

goat wrapped with a box logo, oxfam unwrapped


  • Bird feeder

This is one for the little crafty hands out there. A hand made bird feeder mounted in a spot mum can see from the sofa is an utter delight for bird-loving mums. Fun for children to create and even better to watch it in use. Have a look at some fun ideas of how to make here.

two birds on a feeder


  • Gardening workshops

If your mum is green fingered then this is a really lovely gift. Look for local ones near you or make a weekend of it and go further afield. Even better, do it with her and spend some quality time together.

woman gardening
  • Cookery classes

Hopefully not a bussman’s holiday but even if your mum does do most of the cooking, a class where someone else does all the washing up and you’re cooking under no time pressure or stress can still be a real treat!

a group of people cooking


  • Anything but more stuff!

Last piece of advise. If you’re going to buy ‘things’ make it consumables; things that will eventually get used up. Did you know a woman’s stress levels are directly related to the amount of ‘stuff’ she has in her house? Don’t clutter up mum’s space with more stuff that’s just going to gather dust. Unless she has asked for something specifically, get her experiences, time or consumables instead.

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