The Curated Mother's Day Gift Sets

We know that all mums are different, but that they all need a little treat now and again and most of them would really love a bit of me time. 

We've curated a list of different gift boxes for you by collaborating with two incredible companies (both of whom are run by mums): Of Nature and Hedge Wild.

Don't forget all of our Mother's Day gift boxes come with a free handmade card so you get get gift and card sorted in one click!


The new or expecting Mummy:

Such an exciting time in your lives, but we all know it comes with a few unwanted extras (hello sore nipples and stretch marks). Pair one of our beautiful shampoos with Hedge Wild's Mummy Balm and sooth those sore nipples and banish those stretch marks!

The Mum with sensitive skin:

 Sensitive skin can mean eczema, psoriasis or just flare ups and rashes when products contain too many harsh chemicals. Treat mum with a shampoo bar that contains cleansers proven to be the gentlest on the market and a soothing balm for any of those flare ups - she'll thank you. 


The menopausal Mum:

The menopause can mean lots of different things for lots of different people, but some of the most common issues can be around skin and hair dryness. Look after your mum properly with our Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner set along with a beautifully hydrating Day Cream from Of Nature. Dryness be gone, supple, hydrated skin and hair hello. 


The mum with never enough time on her hands:

Does your mum crave a bit of simplicity in her life? Help her simplify her beauty regime by pairing on of An'du's shampoo bars with Hedge Wild's Beauty Balm. This balm cleanses, removes make up and moisturises all in one hit! That's at least an extra 15 minutes recovered for her day!


The mum who loves a bath:

Who doesn't love a bath really? If your mum doesn't then she will with Hedge Wild's Bath Salts! What a better way to relax then by washing your hair while soaking in the tub? Pair any of An'du's shampoos with Hedge Wild's bath salts for the ultimate relaxation experience.


The mum that struggles with excess oil:

Excess oil can mean breakouts on the face and greasy hair - not the best combo! If the mum in your life struggles with this then we have the solution. Pair Of Nature's Cleaner (with witch hazel extract, papaya extract and raspberry seed oil to remove oil, brighten complexion, sooth inflammation and fight against environmental stressors) with An'du's Perfectly Balanced Shampoo (containing zinc PCA which helps regulate sebum production, meaning less oil and less washing needed!)


Also - a hug goes a long way, so even if all else fails, give your mum a hug and a bit of your time this Sunday, it's the least we can do for all the mums who have given us so much. 

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