Random Acts of Kindness Day 2024

Have you heard of Random Acts of Kindness Day? I hadn't until fairly recently, but I fell in love with the idea of it and new that it was a new tradition that I wanted to build into my life. 

It's so clichéd but it really is the little things that make all the difference. The car letting you out into standstill traffic, the person holding the train door as you sprint down the platform, your loved one saving you the last strawberry because they know you've had a tough day at work. Random acts of kindness make all the difference. 

We have had many many many wonderful people gift us with acts of kindness this past year. From those who have written us glowing reviews through to those who have given up their time to impart their wisdom on how to grow our business, we are grateful to you all. 

Which is why, this year, we wanted to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness, by giving a little something back to all of you! This year, we are offering 50% off our bars for you and a friend. 

You get to give an act of kindness to a friend of yours and we get to return the favour and give an act of kindness to you. 

To find out how you can claim this offer click on the little button in the right hand corner of your screen that says "Random Acts of Kindness"


Many thanks again to all of you who have supported us on our journey so far.


Much love, 


Lizzy and Tina 

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