It's growing season and here at An'du we love nothing more than planting up seeds in the garden (except of course washing our hair with an An'du shampoo bar!)

So we thought we'd spread a bit of the love and share some seeds with anyone who wants a bit of green fingered therapy this Spring. All you have to do is write #plantyourpackage on the comments section at the checkout and we will post you a free packet of seeds with every order! 


What about a flower pot I hear you ask? We send that too - in the form of our very own An'du packages! Once you have removed your shampoo or conditioner bar from the box you are left with the perfect little seedling pot. Simply fill it with soil, add your seeds, water (frequently) and enjoy. 


An'du conditioner package growing a sunflower

Why are our packages so perfect? Well, our packages are made from recycled cardboard, which is of course bio-degradable and printed with vegetable/soy based inks meaning no nasty chemicals to leak into your plants or soil. This means that once your plant is ready to move outside, you can just pop the whole box in the ground without upsetting the soil microbiome or the worms and bugs that live there. 


It doesn't stop there either, our packaging company is so committed to high environmental standards they operate a completely chemical-free printing process, using laser etched plates that are recycled after use. They even have in-house recycling facilities that mean every single piece of waste and off-cut is stored, compacted, and recycled – ready for pulping. This move alone has resulted in 80% fewer waste collection journeys.


We'd love for you to get involved and see where our seeds end up, so if you'd like to join in, take a photo of your little seedling in our packages, chuck it up on social media and tag us @an.du.insta and use the hashtag #plantyourpackage and we'll send you a unique code for 20% off your next purchase. 

You'll also be entered into our #plantyourpackage competition to win a free shampoo and conditioning set of your choice! 

Winners will be contacted when the competition ends on the 31st May. Can't wait to see all your seedling bloom.  

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