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Hi, we would like to introduce ourselves and welcome you.

An'du is a small, family run company, established in 2018 that manufactures and sells shampoo bars in South West London. We are a mother and daughter team, Tina and Lizzy who are committed to living sustainably in our personal lives. This includes shampoo bars rather than shampoo in a plastic bottle, and to get the perfect shampoo bar we decided to make our own!

We are the first shampoo bar in the UK to have added bio-fermented cleansers called sophorolipids; these gentle cleansers, made from fermentation as opposed to traditional chemical processes, are not only mild on the skin but gentle on the environment also.


back to basics shampoo bar

An'du's first bar, "Back to Basics" is pH balanced, 97% plant based, sulphate and silicone free. Containing gentle cleansers along with moisturising vitamin A and E rich grape-seed oil it gives your hair a clean wash without stripping away all the oils.

The bar is biodegradable and the packaging is printed with vegetable-based inks, making it completely compostable. Each 100g bar lasts for 60-80 washes, saving on average three plastic bottles from ending up in landfill, and 750ml of water. Due to our partnership with the World Land Trust, each bar

hand with bubbles

(through the packaging) also saves 0.25 meters squared of endangered tropical rainforest. Our aims for the future are to be as sustainable as possible, while further exploring the positive

effects that bio-surfactants have on the scalp and it's microbiome. We hope that you will join us on this journey.


We hope you'll join us on our journey, especially if you are looking for a shampoo bar and are also based in London!



Written by Tina Grayson

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