They did it! England's Lionesses brought it home! 


Before I get started on this quick blog, I just want to point out that the Women's England Football Team should be commended for their skill, work ethic, determination and teamwork long before they are complemented on their hairstyles, but since An'du are in the hair care business, we thought it worth a mention!


Anyone who tuned in to the exciting final last night may have noticed how the vast majority of the women playing had their hair up in pony tails. Some with extra bands to stop those fly aways and a few in buns at the back of their heads, but mostly it was the high pony and didn't they look great? 


I love a high pony - to me it screams 'I mean business (but I also know how to have fun)' and of course, in practical terms it's perfect for playing sport. It keeps your hair out of your face, but also isn't likely to unravel (hello bun) or whip round and hit you in the face (hello plait). It's also great at keeping you cool as it keeps all your hair off the back of your neck - a notoriously hot area of your body! 


It's a great day to be a football fan in England and an even better one to show off that high pony. 


Written by Lizzy Grayson

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