How to use a shampoo bar

How to use a shampoo bar

Attending summer and Christmas fairs last year was a highlight for us - it allowed us to meet you - our customers face to face. Chatting about your hair care types, hair problems and use of shampoo was an enjoyable part of our day. 

One question that came up time and again was how to use a shampoo bar.

If you’ve never used one before then it may seem a bit daunting swapping away from shampoo in a bottle to a shampoo bar - but it’s really very simple. 

So here we go:

Shampoo bar

First step into the shower and wet your hair. 

Second lather up your hands with the bar, once you have obtained your desired amount of lather rub this gently with your finger tips into your scalp. Your hair is at it’s most vulnerable to breakage when wet, this is because the moisture pulls the protective cuticles ( think of overlapping roof tiles protecting your hair

woman washing hair

shaft)  away from the centre (medulla) of the hair shaft. When these cuticles are not pressed as tightly to the hair shaft it is easier for the hair to break and split. If your hair is very  knotty before washing we recommend brushing beforehand when the hair is dry rather than brushing after when the hair is wet- so decreasing your chances of damage.  

If you have long hair, unless the end is  particularly dirty we don’t recommend rubbing the bubbles right to the end,  this will just increase the friction on your hair so increasing  your chances of damage. When you rinse, the shampoo will move its way down your hair washing out any dirt that there is. Generally the dirt is next to your scalp  mixed in with the scalp oils ( sebum).

As a rule of thumb you use less shampoo with a bar than with liquid shampoo. If you wish to have more shampoo on your hair then gently rub the bar over your hair in the direction away from the roots. Again being gentle here is important, once you have the desired foam gently massage into your scalp as usual. 

If you usually do a double wash with bottled shampoo then please repeat this process with our bar, however in most cases that’s not necessary. 

Take in the scent and enjoy the massage and feeling of hot water in the shower on the way. 

Conditioner bar

If it’s not already wet then wet your hair. Hold the conditioner puck in your hand and move it gently down your hair in the direction away from the roots. Don’t go in the other direction as this will damage the cuticle. Alternatively cover your hands with conditioner and again moving in the direction away from the roots spread evenly on your hair. If your scalp tends to be oily but your ends are dry then just apply conditioner to the ends. 

Leave on for a few minutes then rinse off. 

Just like liquid conditioners you won’t get a lather from your conditioner. 

Store both the shampoo and conditioner bar where they can drain allowing air to circulate around them. 

After washing and / or conditioning gently towel dry hair. Again your hair is at it’s most vulnerable to breakage when wet so if you can leave your hair to air dry either completely or at least 80% - that way you won’t damage your hair from the direct heat of the blow dryer. 

Et voila - you have a beautiful clean head of hair - and if

you’ve been mindful enjoying the scent , massage and warm water then you will be feeling just  that little bit more relaxed  and grounded. 


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